Adventure Connection: White Water Rafting Rio Tenorio From La Fortuna to Tamarindo

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Adventure Connection: White Water Rafting Rio Tenorio: La Fortuna to Tamarindo

La Fortuna Arenal to Tamarindo: Rafting Tenorio River Class 3 and 4

Costa Rica is well-known as the whitewater rafting capital of the world due to its abundant raging rivers and thriving adventure attitude! You won't want to miss out on this quintessential Costa Rican activity while you're at the beach! Go rafting rain or shine -- you're going to get wet anyway! And this is the perfect way to make the journey your adventure with a transfer + tour as you travel from Arenal to Tamarindo.

Don't miss out on the perfect adventure for a La Fortuna to Tamarindo transport.

The Tenorio River is a beautiful river that winds its way through the Guanacaste mountain range along a deep, red-rock canyon surrounded by magnificent landscapes of low, tropical and dry forest.

We'll pick you up from your hotel in the Arenal Costa Rica area and drive about 2.5 hours along the picturesque Lake Arenal, across the rustic Costa Rican back roads, through gorgeous mountains and quaint villages until we reach the Tenorio Operations Center on the Pan-American Highway.

You'll then take a scenic 4x4 ride for about 45 minutes to the Tenorio River put-in at the bridge over the Tenorio River. There your guide will give you the 101 on rafting including safety tips and technical instructions. You’ll receive a thorough safety briefing and get fitted for your equipment -- helmets, lifejackets and paddles. A quick practice with your guide and you are then ready to start heading on your 2.5-hour journey down one of Costa Rica’s most famous rivers!

You’ll be engulfed in the impressive Tenorio River canyon with many different types of flora and fauna - there is lush greenery, vines, birds, monkeys and other types of wildlife.

You’ll experience over 20 thrilling rapids, and finish the tour off with Costa Rica's MOST extreme whitewater river rapid -- it is an incredible 12-ft waterfall drop that we have aptly named: "Cascabel Falls!" -- this is an amazing way to finish this tour!

When you arrive to the end of your exciting rafting journey at our private river exit, do a quick hike to the 4x4 vehicle to drive out of this isolated, unspoiled region of Costa Rica.

You’ll then be treated to a delicious, homemade lunch at our Tenorio Outpost private restaurant where you can use our changing rooms and then head on your way to your hotel in time for a glorious, Pacific sunset.

Recommended for ages 13-65 in good physical condition. Private trips available. A photographer will be on each tour so you can purchase photos of your rafting adventure.



• Snack

• Lunch

• Equipment

• Professional guides

• Adventure connection transport


•13-65 Years

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