Arenal COMBO Community Culture Nature 6 in 1

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Arenal COMBO Community Culture Nature 6 in 1


Community, Culture and Nature Family COMBO tour - this COMBO features 6 activities all in ONE day near the Arenal Volcano!

This is a great Areal COMBO tour for those interested in getting to know the rural culture near the Arenal Volcano and at the same time, understand and contribute to local conservation efforts.

This Costa Rica family tour is a combination of some of the best things to see and do in our Arenal Community. This Arenal COMBO tour is focused on both giving and receiving. Visit the La Fortuna Waterfall that supports local community projects. Learn about Costa Rican agricultural methods and taste traditional food like hand made tortillas and freshly squeezed sugar cane juice. This is a great tour for the socially-conscious and families who want to leave Costa Rica with a memorable cultural experience.

1) La Fortuna Waterfall: Start the tour off with an informative tour to the La Fortuna Waterfall. The La Fortuna Waterfall is a local attraction and highlight for many people's visit to the La Fortuna area. Entrance fees to the La Fortuna waterfall go to help many community projects such as the development of the local sports complex and community-wide water treatment plant.

2) Local Farm and Sugar Cane Mill: Then, head to a local family farm where you will get to spend some time to learn about Costa Rican agricultural processes and their efforts in conservation. Your tour guide will greet you and give you an introduction and history about this sustainable, family farm.

Start off the tour with an opportunity to see a variety of animals - some that you may not have ever seen before: monkeys, marmocets, cute donkeys, water buffalo and cows. Most of these animals are an important part of this farm – and find out how bulls help make sugar cane juice!

Then make your way through a winding path full of fruit trees, pineapples and medicinal plants. You will get to see the native medicinal plants of Costa Rica, from Melessa, a sleep aid, to Juanilama, a plant well known to ease stomach problems.

You’ll then make your way to a covered wooden seating area where you can stretch your legs and learn a little bit about the Trapiche Sugar Mill, a traditional and beautiful method of making sugar cane juice that requires zero electrical energy. Pure sugar cane juice alone is delicious but it can also be fermented and turned into a strong and delicious sugar cane alcohol that we call "guaro" or "contrabando." You’ll get to try both before heading on your way to see the rest of the farm.

Pass by beautiful tropical birds, peasants and peacocks and even a friendly and curious deer will come up to the fence to say hello. As you walk through the maintained and flat trail you’ll see the beauty that surrounds the garden paths with vibrant tropical flowers, sweet lemon and mango trees, and the awe-inspiring Arenal volcano in the background.

Everyone loves to visit the pigs, especially children. There is a litter constantly being born so chances are you will get to see babies as well. The pigs supply the meat the family uses to cook meals for themselves and visitors and the methane gas they produce is used as fuel for the gas stove for cooking.

3) Delicious Homestyle Lunch: When you finish your tour you’ll be greeted by a lovely buffet of food right from the farm complete with handmade tortillas and fresh Costa Rican coffee.

4) Arenal Volcano Hike: From there, it's time to get up close and personal with the Arenal Volcano on a nature walk along the base of our behemoth and iconic Arenal Volcano. Your guide will point out interesting flora and fauna found in the primary and secondary forests there.

5) Hot Springs: And to finish off your evening, it's time to relax and enjoy local hot springs. There are many different pool temperatures and therapeutic minerals to help sooth your body.

6) Traditional Dinner: After a long day of exploring our community and getting to know about our culture and conservation efforts, you will be treated to a plentiful dinner.

We call this our 6 in 1 tour because you get to 1) go to the La Fortuna Waterfall 2) Visit a Local Farm 3) Have a delicious lunch 4) Hike the base of the Arenal Volcano 5) Enjoy local hot springs and 6) Finish with a traditional, natural dinner.

You will love this Arenal COMBO tour. For us, the Community Culture and Nature COMBO is the best tour in La Fortuna for families and children. It makes for a long, but culturally-enriching day in Costa Rica.

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